The India Conference is a platform that brings together the student community, business leaders, University faculty, policy makers and renowned management thinkers to engage in a thought provoking discussion about various aspects of India and its relationship with the United States as well as with the global economy. Over the years, IC has developed into a forum that not only provides hundreds of students from various nationalities and leaders from different streams with answers about the challenges facing India, the United States and the world, but also creates meaningful discussion on the tools and strategies to address them.


2018 India Conference

We would like to hold a special conference dedicated to celebrating the tremendous legacy of Professor Prahalad and the current and growing business landscape in India. We would like to welcome speakers from across disciplines to engage with faculty and students around the theme for this year’s conference:

“Blurring Lines”

We hope to dedicate this conference to the growing bridge between producers and consumers, as well as the application of business strategy across the sectors of education, healthcare, and the environment in India. With India’s growing consumer culture, we are beginning to see how consumer interests drive multiple ideas and passions. Consumers are now becoming producers. With its young population, India is witnessing a budding startup and entrepreneurial culture. Teachers are building schools, foodies are opening up their own restaurants, and medical students are redefining equitable healthcare. Let’s celebrate this growing entrepreneurial culture and the benefits business can bring to Indian society and beyond.  We promise to provide an unforgettable conference that will set the stage for the next 10 years of the IC.


-Rohin & Dedeepya, Co-Chairs 2018 India Conference